APC Advocacy Committee (APCAC)

APC Advocacy Committee E-List - advocacy(at)apcprods.org

Chair - Steven Kroft, Medical College of Wisconsin

In 2006, the APC established the Advocacy Committee to further the interests of the APC and academic pathology regarding legislative, regulatory, and other organizational matters and to facilitate communication between the APC and legislative bodies, governmental agencies, licensing and accrediting bodies, and other pathology and non-pathology professional organizations. Chair members and other people active in the APC (such as affiliate members, special members, liaisons, Sections Chairs, members of Sections, Senior Fellows) volunteer for membership on the Advocacy Committee.

In 2007, the Friends of Pathology Award was developed to recognize an individual outside of the field of pathology and laboratory medicine, whose career accomplishments have nevertheless been exceptionally beneficial to the pathology and laboratory medicine.

Advocacy Resources - Helpful links to outside organizations

Are you a department chair interested in joining the Advocacy Committee? Contact the APC office at [email protected].