APC Member E-Lists

Member email lists ("e-lists," also known as "listservs") facilitate communication between members of APC, PRODS, UMEDS, APEX and GMEAS. The lists are open only to specific members of each group and are closed to non-members. Below are the email addresses of the APC e-lists. You will only be able to send messages to, and receive messages from, the lists in which you are a member. Review the APC listserv policies as listed in this pdf.

All requests to join an APC e-list must be sent to the APC Executive Office at info(at)apcprods.org. Any emails from unknown senders to e-list addresses will be automatically deleted without being read.

GroupE-List Address
APC Members apc(at)apcprods.org
APC Council apccouncil(at)apcprods.org
Advocacy Committee advocacy(at)apcprods.org
Fellowship Directors ad hoc Committee fdahc(at)apcprods.org
Graduate Medical Education Committee gme(at)apcprods.org
Leadership Development & Diversity Committee ldd(at)apcprods.org
Practice & Management Committee practice(at)apcprods.org
Research Committee research(at)apcprods.org
Undergraduate Medical Education Committee ume(at)apcprods.org
Academic Pathology Editorial Board edboard(at)apcprods.org
PRODS Members prods(at)apcprods.org
PRODS Council prodscouncil(at)apcprods.org
APEX Members apex(at)apcprods.org
APEX Council apexcouncil(at)apcprods.org
UMEDS Members umeds(at)apcprods.org
UMEDS Council umedscouncil(at)apcprods.org
GMEAS Members gmeas(at)apcprods.org
GMEAS Council gmeascouncil(at)apcprods.org
Senior Fellows Group (SFG) Members seniorfellows(at)apcprods.org


APC Code of Conduct:  Events and e-lists managed or held by the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC) exist for the professional development of members and for the advancement of academic pathology. Members and guests of events and e-lists are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, cordiality and respect. At a minimum, APC expects members and guests to abide by local and national laws, and APC's General Rules for Antitrust Compliance, when attending or interacting at APC events and on APC e-lists. Read the full text of APC's Code of Conduct.