APC Service AwardsFriends of Pathology Award

The Friends of Pathology Award recognizes an individual outside of the field of pathology and laboratory medicine whose career accomplishments have nevertheless been exceptionally beneficial to the pathology and laboratory medicine community.

Award Process:

  1. When deemed appropriate by the Advocacy Committee, the Advocacy Committee through the Chair will propose a Friends of Pathology recipient to Council. A majority vote of Council is required to approve the nomination.
  2. An AAPath delegation, including the President, Advocacy Committee Chair, and others selected by the President, shall present the award in person to the recipient.

Congratulations to the 2023 Awardee!



Association of American Medical Colleges

Award Recipients

  • 2021 Award Recipient - Katherine J. Wu, PhD (photo)
  • 2019 Award Recipient - The Rory Staunton Foundation (photo)
  • 2017 Award Recipient - John Carreyrou (photo | tweet from Mr. Carreyrou)
  • 2015 Award Recipient - Jane Pine Wood, JD (photo)
  • 2013 Award Recipient - Mark E. Sobel, MD, PhD (photo)
  • 2011 Award Recipient - The Brookings Institution Engelberg Center for Healthcare Reform
  • 2009 Award Recipient - Francis Collins, MD, PhD (photo)
  • 2007 Award Recipient - Senator Edward M. Kennedy (photo)