Student Opportunities & Residency Open Houses


AAPath compiled a list of resources related to pathology careers, organizations, and academic pathologists on social media for medical students! See the list of resources below to find a world of opportunities in the physician specialty of pathology.

Student Opportunities and Residency Open Houses

AAPath provides a dynamic list of opportunities for students interested in pathology who are at varying points in their academic careers. This list is based on voluntary submissions from our departmental members at medical schools across the nation.
  • High School and College StudentsSeeking a summer or semester experience in pathology and laboratory medicine? Search below!
  • Bachelor Degree GraduatesSeeking a “gap” year experience to catch up on pre-med content, especially in pathology? Search below!
  • Medical StudentsInterested in attending a Residency Open House or pursuing a Post-Sophomore Fellowship (PSF) in Pathology, either for a full year or a condensed summer program? Search below! Also, check out the AAPath's Society of '67 Program Opportunities.
The dynamic list below is not a comprehensive list! There are many other resources on the Internet for programs and experiences available, including listings at the AAMC and the NIH. This is a compilation of pathology-specific or inclusive experiences for students seeking opportunities. We recognize that people outside of AAPath’s membership and even outside of pathology departments may be responsible for administering these programs.


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Programs are categorized into four major areas:

  1. Residency Open Houses
  2. Electives, Observerships, or Post-Sophomore Fellowships for Med Students;
  3. Post-Baccalaureate Programs; and
  4. Internships for High School or College Students.

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