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APC E-News: April 2020


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Important APC 2020 Meeting Announcement, COVID-19 and Leadership Resources, Using the APC Listservs

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Membership Updates

Please inform us of any changes in your departmental membership roster by sending us a message at [email protected].

Member Resources

Members may log in at www.apcprods.org to edit their personal profiles and contact information. Once logged in, members can access exclusive APC resources.

To view the archive of listserv messages, login to your member profile and access the E-lists under My Features. 

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Important Updates From The APC:

1. APC 2020 Live Online Conference
2. Resources and Updates on COVID-19
3. LD&D Library of Resources
4. Unexpected Fellowship Openings
5. Listserv Etiquette

APC’s 2020 Annual Meeting is now a Live Online Conference, July 19th-22nd!

All meeting registrants, speakers, and Section listservs received notification of this important change to the annual meeting. New registration rates and updates will be posted as they develop for the APC 2020 Live Online Conference at: www.apcprods.org/m-meetings-2020

COVID-19 Updates and Resources on APC Homepage: www.apcprods.org (click on the red bar)

Visit the APC homepage for helpful COVID-19 resources referenced by APC’s members, including a link to a growing list of vendors offering discounts and deals on educational products, supplies, and other services related to the new "normal"!

Leadership Development & Diversity Library

Did you know the LD&D Committee established a library of curated resources on Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, and the Workforce Pipeline? Explore the library at www.apcprods.org/leadership-and-diversity and submit your own resources, including articles on Wellness, for consideration by the LD&D Committee. Email: [email protected]

Unexpected Fellowship Openings

APC continues to collect data on unexpected or unfilled fellowship program openings within approximately 18 months of matriculation to evaluate trends in these unplanned openings over time. ALL pathology fellowship programs, including ACGME-accredited and non-accredited programs, are encouraged to submit their unexpected and unfilled positions at: www.apcprods.org/fellowship-opening-data

As part of this process, we are also collecting data on the date an unexpected opening is filled. Please contact APC Staff at [email protected] once your opening has been filled.

Listserv Networks

Just as a reminder: Member listservs facilitate communication among members of APC, Senior Fellows, PRODS, UMEDS, PDAS, and GMEAS. The lists are open only to specific members of each group and are closed to non-members. You will only be able to send messages to, and receive messages from, the lists in which you are a member via the email associated with your APC profile.

Listserv Guidelines:
If you are sending messages from your mobile device, please be sure to include a short signature line with at least your name, role, institution, and email. Keep in mind names alone limit your colleagues’ ability to follow-up or recognize the sender.

Also, remember to be cautious if your "send to" address is masked by a name rather than an email address spelled out. Please be sure to double-check the “send to” email address, when trying to email a colleague directly (versus the listserv).

Review other policies on listserv usage at:

Association of Pathology Chairs | [email protected] | www.apcprods.org