COVID-19 Resources and a new Test Directory, Using the APC Listservs, and Ongoing Programs

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APC E-News: March 2020


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COVID-19 Resources and a new Test Directory, Using the APC Listservs, and Ongoing Programs

Recent Article In Academic Pathology

Informatics Training for Pathology Practice and Research in the Digital Era, Maness, H.T.D., et al. Research Article first published 3/30/20.

APC 2020 Annual Meeting

Currently, nothing has changed with regard to planning for the APC 2020 Annual Meeting at the Hotel Del Coronado in July. APC Council will evaluate the COVID-19 situation in mid-to-late May. We will keep you up to date with the latest information as the situation evolves. The Hotel Del Coronado is closed temporarily due to local travel restrictions, but they are continuing to accept group reservations. Visit the meeting website for more information about the program and registration.

Academic Pathology

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Membership Updates

Please inform us of any changes in your departmental membership roster by sending us a message at [email protected].

Member Resources

Members may log in at to edit their personal profiles and contact information. Once logged in, members can access exclusive APC resources.

To view the archive of listserv messages, login to your member profile and access the e-lists under My Features. A visual instruction guide is attached to this message. 

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Important Updates From The APC:

1. COVID-19 Updates & Resources
2. The APC COVID-19 Test Directory
3. PRODS Program at USCAP 2020 Now Posted
4. Funds Flow Survey to PDAS/Chairs
5. Listserv Networks
6. The Latest Academic Pathology Publication: Informatics Training for Pathology Practice and Research in the Digital Era

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Visit to keep up to date on COVID-19 links to resources referenced by APC’s members, including links to federal guidance, media clips, news stories, health systems, pathology organizations, published literature, and the AAMC.

APC COVID-19 Test Directory (for Chairs & PDAS):

In an effort to streamline and coordinate information within the network of academic laboratory departments, we are collecting information on COVID-19 testing capabilities and issues. This information is accessible only to members by request. All APC member departments were invited to input their data, which can be updated as situations change. This directory contains unofficial data that is not intended for public use or access. It is an internal service of the APC, available only to Chairs, Vice Chairs (approved by Chairs) and Pathology Department Administrators.

PRODS Program at USCAP 2020 Now Posted!

Members-only access at: If you missed the PRODS Program earlier this March in Los Angeles, see the presentations including an update on the Milestones from the ACGME.

Reminder: Funds Flow Survey to PDAS/Chairs

In response to an increasing number of questions and concerns expressed by APC’s members about “funds flow” implementations, APC is conducting a survey to benchmark current trends in distribution of revenue to pathology departments through funds flow and other models (high-level; not specific revenue numbers). APC’s Advocacy and Practice & Management Committees have jointly developed this survey to address their shared strategic goal of supporting pathology departments in evolving payment models. More than 40 departments have completed the survey that was distributed on March 4th. If you are a Chair or PDAS member, who hasn’t completed the survey, please go to: The Advocacy and Practice & Management Committees will also hold a joint session and discussion group, debriefing on the survey data and sharing examples and advice, at the APC Annual Meeting on July 19-22, 2020 in Coronado, CA. For more program details, visit

Listserv Networks:

Many of you are finding the APC listservs to be an invaluable resource in these challenging times. As a reminder, here are the main e-list addresses to contact colleagues:

To view the archive of listserv messages, login to your member profile and access the e-lists under My Features. A visual instruction guide is attached to this message. 

Just as a reminder: Member listservs facilitate communication among members of APC, Senior Fellows, PRODS, UMEDS, PDAS, and GMEAS. The lists are open only to specific members of each group and are closed to non-members. You will only be able to send messages to, and receive messages from, the lists in which you are a member via the email associated with your APC profile.

Listserv Guidelines:

During this time of information overflow to your email inboxes and to help separate the "noise" from the more significant, critical, and just-in-time advisement and information, please:

1. Refrain from simple “thank you” or congratulatory messages in your reply to the listserv.
2. Write out and include your email address in your email signatures so that if another member wants to write a note directly to you, that email address can be copied-and-pasted into either the "Reply to" or "Forward to" email address.
3. Use the email address that is listed in your APC profile, which is the email address that gives you privileges to send and receive listserv messages. Login and update your information if necessary.
4. Do not attach files larger than 5MB to your listserv message, which will be rejected by the listserv.
5. Want someone added? Do not email the listserv. If you have a colleague who is eligible to be a member of one of APC's Sections and wants to subscribe to a listserv, please send them the member application to join so that their profile can be initiated with accurate information prior to APC staff verification:

  • Department Chairs must request and designate Vice Chairs, PDAS members (voting), Associate PDAS members, and UMEDS members (voting and non-voting).
  • PRODS and GMEAS members are verified by the ACGME ADS listing.
  • Associate PDs are verified by the Program Director.

6. Want to unsubscribe from the listservs? You’ll miss out, but you can do that at any time by logging in to your member profile and updating your email preferences.

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