S’67 Board Nominations, APC 2024 Call for Abstracts, Membership Renewals and More!

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APC E-News: October 2023


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S’67 Board Nominations, APC 2024 Call for Abstracts, Membership Renewals and More!

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Academic Pathology

Academic Pathology is APC's fully open-access, PubMed-indexed, peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier available on Science Direct and Clinical Key. Submit a manuscript and gain international recognition for your advances in pathology education, administration or practice.

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Paths to Progress: Annual Report

Paths to Progress

The 2022 Edition of the APC Annual Report, Paths to Progress is now available! 

Reflect on APC’s accomplishments in 2022 through committee reports, section updates, and other workgroup/task force reports in the latest edition of the annual report – Paths to Progress.

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Renew by December 31, 2023!

The APC membership renewal season is still underway! All current member departments and individual membership holders have been sent an email with instructions on how to process your membership renewal for 2024. Please ensure department membership rosters are up to date and direct any inquiries to [email protected].

Why Renew?

In addition to APC supporting the missions of education, practice, and research through educational programming, and other activities of our committees, sections, and working groups, your membership dues help APC represent the needs and perspective of academic pathology in our engagement with other organizations, including AAMC’s Government Relations Representatives group and the Intersociety Pathology Council. APC contributes to pathology workforce development through programs of our philanthropic arm – the Society of ’67 – and through Charter Membership in the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information. Importantly, APC maintains membership in AAMC’s Council of Faculty and Academic Societies, the Council of Medical Specialty Societies’ Organization of Program Director Associations and is a Cooperating Society of the American Board of Pathology. 

Most importantly, APC provides a network for current and past chairs, program directors, administrators, educators, and coordinators to learn and grow from each other, and to foster the development of the next generation of diverse leaders through programs like the APC Pathology Leadership Fellows program and the Pathology Leadership Academy.

In 2014, APC launched its flagship open access journalAcademic Pathology as a platform to communicate best practices and novel approaches in medical education and academic department administration that improve training, and impact innovation and patient care. Academic Pathology also publishes the Pathology Competencies for Medical Education and associated Educational Cases, which were recently updated in July 2023.

In 2017, APC celebrated 50 years of service with the creation of the Society of ’67 as a vehicle for supporters to contribute to the legacy and vision of academic pathology through programs like the Kinney Scholars, APEX Fellowship,  Healthcare Innovation Grants, and Open Access Publication Awards.

In 2022, APC formed a partnership with the founders of PathElective, web-based content developed as a virtual learning experience for students during the pandemic, to become an official APC publication and to secure its future as a free global resource in pathology education.

In 2023, APC established the Academic Pathology Faculty and Administrators Compensation Benchmarking Survey, which is designed to confidentially collect data from participating departments and transform into a member-interrogated reporting system. Learn more and log in to view the 2022 data by visiting the APC website at: https://www.apcprods.org/benchmarking.

Updates on all of APC’s activities are provided in our annual report, Paths to Progress, and in our monthly e-News.

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Abstract Submissions Due by December 4, 2023!

On behalf of the Undergraduate Medical Educators Section (UMEDS) and the residency Program Directors Section (PRODS), the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC) invites all APC and Section members, their faculty, staff, trainees, and other stakeholders to submit abstracts for poster presentations during the APC 2024 Annual Meeting at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, July 21-24, 2024.

Abstracts should describe innovations in education, from undergraduate medical education (UME) to graduate medical education (GME), as well as educational leadership and faculty/career development in an academic environment. Abstracts must clearly state the objective of the study or program, describe the methods and resources utilized, and critically analyze relevant data. Metrics for “effectiveness,” “success,” and “impact” must be explained to help serve as a model for other institutions to adopt and implement. Examples of appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the use of artificial intelligence tools in medical education
  • parameters and policies for trainees or faculty/programs using artificial intelligence technologies
  • use of other novel technology in teaching and learning
  • innovative pedagogies and teaching modalities
  • integrating pathology into the medical school curriculum
  • competency-based education and assessment at the UME and/or GME levels
  • determining progressive responsibility with trainees
  • faculty/career development as a pathology educator

Demonstrate educational leadership to the academic pathology community by sharing your innovative and impactful work at the APC 2024 Annual Meeting!

All accepted abstracts will be presented as posters* during the APC 2024 Annual Meeting and published in APC’s journal, Academic Pathology (with permission of the corresponding authors). Abstracts published previously elsewhere may be submitted with appropriate annotation of prior publication. There is no abstract submission fee. However, poster presenters are required to fund their own travel to the meeting and meeting registration.

*More information on developing a poster will be communicated in the Spring of 2024 upon notification.

Click here to learn more and submit an abstract today!

QUESTIONS? Directly contact APC Meetings at: [email protected]

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Advocacy for academic pathology is an important function of the APC.  The APC is the only organization solely dedicated to the tripartite mission of clinical practice, research and education conducted in the unique environment of medical schools and their affiliates.  Increasing our visibility and raising awareness of our challenges as well as the talents and advantages that only academic departments can provide is a key function of APC’s Advocacy Committee led by Committee Chair, Steven Kroft MD, with valuable support from the APC’s new Deputy Director, Lydia Howell, MD, who has provided the following update:

In October, the FDA proposed a controversial new rule (Docket #FDA-2023-N-2177) to regulate laboratory developed tests (LDTs) as medical devices within existing regulatory frameworks.

The APC believes that this proposed regulation is unnecessary and onerous to academic clinical laboratories, and would lead to significant financial consequences that would negatively impact clinical services and training programs, and adversely affect patient care and the medical laboratory professional workforce.  To ensure a unified voice that fully reflects the concerns of academic pathology, APC representatives have been meeting with representatives of the Association of American Medical Colleges and other professional organizations to help inform and shape the APC’s upcoming formal response.

To fully demonstrate the depth of opposition by the academic pathology community to the proposed rule, we encourage our member departments to submit their own comments, and to work closely with their medical schools, hospitals, and hospital systems to provide institutional responses that reflect the grave concerns of academic medical centers, and all of the clinical specialties they represent.

To aid our members in submitting comments, APC issued an e-mail communication to its members on October 30th outlining specific points that could be useful in responses.  Excerpts with key points to elaborate in responses are below.  For the full communication, please visit www.apcprods.org/statements.

  • Request an extension to the FDA's deadline for response to at least 120 days, since this important issue deserves appropriate research and consideration.  Go to https://www.regulations.gov and reference docket #FDA-2023-N-2177.
  • Emphasize that LDTs are not just esoteric tests for rare diseases, but include numerous routine tests that enable care for the complex patients seen in academic medical centers.  Please provide examples with volume and impact if these had to be discontinued.
  • Include department-specific data for illustration, such as the number of tests your lab(s) perform that would be considered LDTs under FDA regulation, how many of those tests were used over the last 10 years to diagnose and treat patients, and how many would no longer be offered (presumptively) because of insurmountable and duplicative burdens of the proposed FDA regulatory process and the predicted impact to patients and community.
  • The FDA should be lauded for its commitment to patient safety and quality of care; however, please note that the proposed rule would result in more outsourcing and a subsequent dramatic reduction in quantity and quality of many current laboratory tests.
  • Emphasize that the current regulatory framework for LDTs is sufficient. Clinical laboratories are at present one of the most closely regulated area of healthcare by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Code of Federal Regulations Section 493.1253. Under this framework, LDTs are already subjected to stringent analytic and clinical validation protocols prior to being deployed for clinical care. 
  • Note that the FDA’s proposed rule does not provide a realistic plan or budget for regulating LDTs, since they do not adequately assess the number of tests that would fall into this category.
  • Discuss that the untold costs of this program would be absorbed by hospitals, health systems, and independent laboratories that are already under substantial financial stress.  Ultimately, increased costs would likely be passed on to patients.
  • Describe how associated disruption to the current paradigms of laboratory services would likely result in fewer pathology and laboratory medicine training programs, further exacerbating workforce shortages and degrading the expertise, quality and timeliness of care provided to our patients.

Please note that the deadline for response to the FDA is December 4, 2023.  Instructions for submitting comments are detailed in the link at the top of the proposed rule, or go to https://www.regulations.gov and reference docket #FDA-2023-N-2177.

To learn more about APC’s advocacy efforts and collaborations to address the most pressing needs of academic pathology, visit:

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APC seeks to highlight major member accomplishments in this Member Recognition section of the e-News, where we spotlight special announcements, such as advancement to national leadership positions, inductions into national academies, national and international awards, national press coverage, Chair retirements, new Chair appointments, and more! If you have an announcement that you would like to share, please contact the APC office at [email protected] to let us know!

University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine Chair Changes
Stuart Van Meter, MD, is appointed Chair of the Department of Pathology after serving as Interim Chair since November 1, 2022, succeeding Lisa Duncan, MD, who served as Department Chair since 2011. Click here to read the full announcement.

Stuart Van Meter, MD

Stuart Van Meter, MD

Lisa Duncan, MD

Lisa Duncan, MD

Albany Medical College Chair Changes
Sandra Shin, MD, MBA, steps down as Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Albany Medical College after six years of service. Dr. Shin will continue her involvement with the APC as a member of the Senior Fellows Group.

Sandra Shin, MD, MBA

Sandra Shin, MD, MBA

As a reminder, you can find a complete list of New Chairs on the APC website at: www.apcprods.org/new-chairs. Departments with ongoing Chair searches are posted on the APC website at: www.apcprods.org/ongoing-searches

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Academic Pathology is APC's fully open-access, PubMed-indexed, peer-reviewed journal and part of the world-class collection of journals and pathology resources published by Elsevier, with visibility to a global audience of academic leaders through Science Direct and Clinical Key. Academic Pathology reached another major milestone by receiving its first journal impact factor – one more reason to submit your manuscript to APC’s official journal!

Recently Published Articles

Increasing medical student awareness of pathology through a virtual, asynchronous pathology elective, K. Tew et al. Article First Published October 4, 2023: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acpath.2023.100093

Perspectives from two recent medical school graduates on exposure to pathology during undergraduate medical education: A narrative inquiry, A. Tannenbaum and C. Lilley. Article First Published October 4, 2023: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acpath.2023.100094

Normalized “medical inferiority bias” and cultural racism against international medical graduate physicians in academic medicine, S. Smith and V. Parkash. Article First Published September 22, 2023: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.acpath.2023.100095

Click here to view the latest issue of Academic Pathology and subscribe to receive alerts when the latest issues are published!

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Nomination Deadline Today (October 31st)

NEW FOR 2024 – The number of Board seats has been expanded so that up to ten Board positions can be filled in 2024!

Today is the LAST DAY to donate and be nominated for election to serve on the Society of ’67 Board in 2024! Society of ’67 members, who are donors at the level of $500 or more since November 1, 2022, are eligible for Society of ’67 Board nomination. Invest in the future and legacy of academic pathology by becoming a member of the Society of ’67 today! Your gift to the Society supports a variety of programs that foster the development of future leaders in academic practice, education, and research. Programs of the Society of ’67 are made possible by the generosity and giving of donors.

Donate today to become a Society member and nominate yourself for a Board position by emailing Mel Limson ([email protected]) with a statement of your interest and contact/affiliation information. Upon review by the Society of ’67 Nominating Committee, a slate of candidates, if needed, will be presented for election by all Society of ’67 members later in November. More information can be found at: www.apcprods.org/societyof67

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APC Committees have established affinity groups to address important needs relevant to academic pathology departments. The Directors of Post-Sophomore Fellowships recently held their first meeting, with many thanks to Dr. Jo Conant and Dr. Mark Fung (Univ of Vermont) who are the co-facilitators for this new APC affinity group. The DEI Faculty Leaders Network held their second meeting virtually in late September and, under the leadership of Dr. Deniz Barclift (Emory University),continue to make strides toward providing faculty who are departmental leaders in DEI with an avenue to share and generate information, best practices, and educational resources.

Chairs can appoint faculty leaders to join the groups listed below. More information, resources and appointment processes can be found by clicking the relevant links.

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Nomination Period NOW OPEN!

The nomination period for APC’s 2024 Service Awards is NOW OPEN through December 31, 2023. Don’t wait! Nominate a colleague today by visiting www.apcprods.org/awards.

The Association of Pathology Chairs is pleased to annually honor leaders in academic pathology—past and present—with the following awards:

Click on the award links above to see each award's criteria, process, and prior recipients. Email [email protected] or call 302-660-4940 to let us know you are interested in nominating a dedicated Chair, Program Director, Medical Educator, Department Administrator, or Program Coordinator. We will answer your questions and send helpful reminders about the status of their nomination package to ensure it’s completed by December 31st!

Recipients will be honored and recognized at the APC 2024 Annual Meeting, July 21-24, 2024, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel - Washington, DC!

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Nomination Period Opening Soon!

If you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity within APC, consider running for a seat on your Section’s Council. Nominating Committees will soon begin soliciting nominations for positions opening in 2024! All nominations and self-nominations should be directed to your Section’s Immediate Past President/Chair unless otherwise requested. View your current Council on your Section’s webpage under the “Members” tab on the APC website: www.apcprods.org. For more information, email [email protected]. Each Section’s Nominating Committee Chair is listed below:

APC Council
Dani Zander, MD
University of Cincinnati

PRODS Council
Candice Black, DO
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

UMEDS Council
Robin LeGallo, MD
University of Virginia School of Medicine

APEX Council
Gary Brown, MBA
University of Colorado School of Medicine

GMEAS Council
Chelle Kozy, C-TAGME

Orlando Health

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