Fellowship Directors Ad Hoc Committee (FDAHC)

In May 2013, the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC), in cooperation with the Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology (ADASP), created the Fellowship Directors ad hoc Committee (FDAHC) for the purpose of further exploring issues in common and serving as a vehicle for communication between programs and the APC, as well as other pathology organizations. The FDAHC is chaired by Cheryl Hanau. Committee members, representing each subspecialty area, were selected through coordination with relevant speciality societies. The current committee members are:

Subspecialty (per ACGME)FDAHC Representative:Contact Email:
Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Julie Karp, MD julie(dot)karp(at)jefferson(dot)edu
Chemical Pathology Beverly C. Handy, MD, MS bhandy(at)mdanderson(dot)org
Clinical Informatics Bruce Levy, MD blevy2(at)geisinger(dot)edu
Cytopathology Paul Staats, MD pstaats(at)umm(dot)edu
Dermatopathology Lyn McDivitt Duncan, MD duncan(at)helix(dot)mgh(dot)harvard(dot)edu
Forensic Pathology Daniel Dye, MD dwdye(at)uabmc(dot)edu
Hematopathology Bachir Alobeid, MD ba202(at)cumc(dot)columbia(dot)edu
Medical Microbiology Eric S. Rosenberg, MD erosenberg1(at)partners(dot)org
Molecular Genetic Pathology Shuko Harada, MD  sharada(at)uabmc(dot)edu
Neuropathology Suzanne Powell, MD spowell(at)houstonmethodist(dot)org
Pediatric Pathology Vivek Singh, MD vsingh(at)cmh(dot)edu
Selective Pathology Teri A Longacre, MD longacre(at)stanford(dot)edu


The Fellowship Directors ad hoc Committee first met face-to-face on July 11, 2013, at the APC Annual Meeting. The committee has quarterly conference calls, interim listserv communication, and meets face-to-face again at the APC Annual Meetings. For more information, please contact the APC office at 302-660-4940 or info(at)apcprods(dot)org.