Senior Fellows Ad Hoc Committee


The Association of Pathology Chairs' Senior Fellow member category was established in 1993, for former Chair members who have played important roles in APC, and who wish to have active membership beyond their terms as Pathology Chairs. Senior Fellow status is granted to applicants who are approved by both the Senior Fellows Ad Hoc Committee and the APC Council (for details on eligibility and the application process, see below).

Senior Fellows bring decades of past experience to APC, and their input is highly valued by the association, current and aspiring Pathology Chairs, and the larger academic Pathology community. To learn more about the formation of the Senior Fellows group, and other important association milestones, see the history of APC.

The Senior Fellows Ad Hoc Committee is comprised of all Senior Fellow members of APC. Per APC's bylaws, Senior Fellows are not voting members of APC; only regular Chair members are.

Senior Fellow Advisers

The major goal of the Senior Fellows is to assist current Chairs and other members of the APC, including Pathology Department faculty interested in leadership roles, by providing advice, consultation, and mentoring based on their experience. To view Senior Fellows' areas of interest for providing advice, expertise as a potential speaker, past Chair experience, and contact information, go to the Senior Fellows Consult List.

Note: the Consult List is only available to current members of APC (i.e. Senior Fellows, Chairs, and Vice Chairs). Login is required in order to view the list of Senior Fellows involved in consultation and their contact information.

Current Member List

  • David Bailey
  • Max Buja
  • Stanley Cohen
  • Bob Colvin
  • Robert Folberg
  • Errol Friedberg
  • Robert Friedman
  • Stephen Galli
  • Roger Geiss
  • Fred Gorstein
  • Avrum Gotlieb
  • Ralph Green
  • Michael Hart
  • Reid Heffner
  • Richard Hegele
  • William Hickey
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • David Korn
  • Vinay Kumar
  • Mary Lipscomb
  • Fred Lucas
  • Jim Madara
  • Jay McDonald
  • Salvatore Pizzo
  • Deborah Powell
  • Stanley Robboy
  • Emanuel Rubin
  • Daniel Ryan
  • Fred Sanfilippo
  • Clive Taylor
  • Gregory Threatte
  • Lowell Tilzer
  • Mark Tykocinski
  • Peter Ward
  • Ronald Weinstein
  • David Wilkinson

Application Process

To apply for Senior Fellowship, please complete the online Senior Fellows Application Form.
If you are unable to complete the online application, you may send a completed PDF Application Form to

Applications are reviewed based on APC's Bylaws (relevant text listed below).

Article II, Section 5 of the APC Bylaws (page 2) describes the role of Senior Fellows as follows:

“Individuals who have been chair members and who have played important roles in the affairs of the Association may, upon request, be elected by the APC Council for a three year renewable term as Senior Fellows of the Association. Senior Fellows may be invited by the APC Council to (a) consult with the APC Council and with committees and sections of the Association, (b) attend meetings of the Association, and (3) represent the Association in appropriate forums.”

The appointment process is specified in the Operating Procedures (page 20) as follows:

"APC chair member alumni who wish to have active membership beyond their term as a department of pathology chair may make formal application to Council for membership as Senior Fellows. Candidates for senior fellow membership must have been a regular (not interim) chair with prior membership in good standing within the APC. Candidates should make a formal application to Council providing reasons for interest in becoming a Senior Fellow, a brief description of any current academic affiliation and pathology activities, as well as dates of prior chair membership in APC. Upon approval of two-thirds of the Council, the Senior Fellow shall assume the rights and privileges of senior fellows as defined in Article II, Section 5. Senior Fellows will have a 3-year term. Senior Fellows must attend a full APC meeting or 2 regional APC meetings within a 3-year term in order to be eligible for reappointment. Reappointment requires a letter of interest to be submitted to the Secretary of the APC to be considered by the Council. Failure to submit a request for reappointment within 6 months of the end of the term will result in termination."